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Excellent Software to Watch Fair and Balanced News

Fox News is a great application for anyone who is looking to keep abreast of late-breaking stories from around the world. Developed specifically for smartphone users, this software package boasts a user-friendly and clean layout. Navigation is simple and a personalized content can revolve around the preferences of the viewer, ideal to catch the most relevant stories when they take place.

Functions and Features

Fox News provides the user with a number of helpful multimedia features. For example, live videos can be streamed directly through a mobile phone. While this is taking place, users can scroll through other stories. This will help to save a great deal of time while out and about. It is also possible to subscribe to breaking news alerts as the events unfold. These events will be sent as push notifications to the customer. So, anyone can now be certain that they are staying on top of the most important stories.

Additional Benefits

Videos, slides and news stories can all be customized around the needs of the user. It is possible to change the screen size of Fox News stories to accommodate different phones. Customers can even follow their favorite anchors via social media circles such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


  • Fox News is one of the largest and most respected news networks
  • Users can customise their viewing experience to enjoy more relevant content


  • All clients will have to pay to use this application
  • Some have complained that recent updates seem to slow down loading times


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Fox News


Fox News 3.38.1 for Android


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